By organizing the BVDzero Award, the BVDzero team aims to encourage to search for both clinical and sub-clinical cases of BVD in cattle herds. We believe that the BVDzero Award will help to increase the awareness of BVD and, as a result, help to reduce its impact on the cattle industry.

The Award sponsor, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH, has provided a total prize of 15,000€ for the top 10 clinical cases entered. Any person involved in the cattle industry is eligible for participation. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, research, diagnostics, animal science, veterinary practice, production veterinary medicine, cattle production and animal health & welfare.

  • Objective
    • encourage searching for BVD
    • increase the awareness of BVD in all cattle industry stakeholders
    • deliver and communicate interesting cases of BVD
  • Reward

    The BVDzero Award consists of € 15,000 that will be distributed between the top 10 clinical cases selected. Evaluation for the award depends upon fulfilment of the specific instructions (below) and adherence to the timelines. 

    • 1 - € 5,000
    • 2 - € 3,000
    • 3 - € 2,000
    • 4 - € 1,500
    • 5 - € 1,000
    • 6 - € 800
    • 7- € 600
    • 8 - € 450
    • 9 - € 350
    • 10 - € 300
  • Application procedure

    The application must comply with the instructions provided by the BVDzero Award Committee by completing the Submission Form together with the documents uploaded.

  • Selection criteria

    The BVDzero Award Committee, with no influence from the sponsoring company or the BVDzero team will select proposals based on the following criteria:

    • Accuracy, originality and comprehensive reporting of the case
    • The thoroughness of the submission and its information
    • The context of BVD i.e. specific BVD or secondary disease caused by BVD  
    • Case selection and significance
    • Description od clinical findings
    • Quality and relevance of submitted images and video material
    • Interpretation of laboratory data
    • Historical information regarding case and farm
    • Discussion of epidemiological relevance of the outbreak
    • Farmer/herd manager interview regarding the caseAll criteria listed above are optional, the relevance depending upon the specific clinical case. The more relevant information provided the increased chance of selection by the Committee. The case must be original work and submitted in ENGLISH (research projects and literature reviews will not be accepted. The case must not have been published previously or presented at a congress).
  • Timelines

    Submission Timeline: Cases can be submitted until 20.03.2020

    Material Review: Cases submissions will be reviewed until 23.04.2020

    Award Ceremony: The awards will be presented in May 2020

  • Instructions
    • Please provide your Clinical Case in one word or PDF file (font size no larger than 12 point and a maximum of 1200 words), using the submission template.
    • By entering the submission information, you agree to be bound by the BVDzero Award terms and conditions.
    • Prior to the final submission of the form on the website, please also read and accept the Data Protection and the User Informed Consent form in the Submission tab.
    • The submission form is available in the menu.
    • Upload your Clinical Case file, together with your CV (1 page maximum), a passport-style photo, photographs and videos with high resolution.
    • AFTER the upload is completed, you will receive a confirmation.
  • Use of the submitted material

    All information submitted in your Clinical Case including, without limitation, all documents, images, videos, reports, and materials, becomes the property of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH upon submission. By signing the attached “Transfer of rights & Warranty”, you unconditionally give all right, title and interest in the Clinical Case and all included materials, to Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health GmbH, and unconditionally grant it the right to use, reproduce, distribute, create copies or derivative works, each in whole or in part, for research, commercial activities and/or promotional activities. Clinical Cases submitted without a properly executed “Transfer of rights & Warranty” will not be considered.

Submission form

BVDzero Committee

Wiel van den Ekker
Wiel Van den Ekker

The Netherlands
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Volker Moennig

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Kadir Yesilbag


Bovine practitioner

Susana Astiz
Susana Astiz


Global BVDzero Team

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