Case Awards 2020

This year’s BVDzero press conference and award ceremony took place virtually on May 25, 2020. The award winners have been selected by the BVDzero Committee, consisting of renowned external experts in the field of bovine health, during an online meeting.

Boehringer Ingelheim provided a total prize of 15,000 euros for the top 10 clinical cases entered. Around 30 submitted cases included submissions from the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Jordan, Turkey and South Korea.

The authors of the top five winning cases had the opportunity to present their submissions during the online press conference. They accepted their prizes from Prof. Volker Moennig, Head of the BVDzero Committee.

Case Winners

  • Magdalini Sioukiouroglou

    Magdalini is a veterinary assistant at Prostock Vets Ltd in UK, a dedicated farm only veterinary practice in South Wales.She is graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) in Greece. During her study, she had opportunity to have courses in University of Liverpool, United Kingdom School of Veterinary Science and University of Parma, Italy Department of Veterinary Medicine. Magdalini has authoredseveralpublications andconferencepresentations sinceshestartedherprofessional life.She likes sports, Reading and travelling.

  • Paul Crawford

    Paul is a self employed veterinary consultant and farrmer based in Larne which is a seaport and industrial market town on the east coast of County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

  • Laura Donovan

    Laura has worked as a veterinary assistant at Nantwich Farm Vets UK, a dedicated farm only veterinary practice, since 2009. She manages the veterinary work for 10 dairy farms, averaging 200 milking cattle and has a Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (Cattle). In addition, Laura has advanced surgical skills and has trained her more recent graduate colleagues. Laura is also a BCVA Johnes Advisor and managed the practice BVD Stamp It Out Project. Despite a busy professional life, Laura finds time to keep fit by running and cycling.

  • Hans Verweij

    Hans is a Veterinary practitioner in farm animal health at a veterinary practice in the Netherlands. He graduated in 2015 as Master Veterinary Medicine– Farm animal health at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Utrecht. He is certified as bovine, veal calves and swine veterinary practitioner.

  • Laura-May Canonne

    Graduated from ONIRIS (Nantes Vet School, France) in 2015, Laura-May worked as a graduate assistant at ONIRIS livestock medicine service until 2016. She then worked in Ernée (53), and recently moved to Mortain Bocage (50). as a rural vet.

BVDzero Committee

Susana Astiz
Susana Astiz

John Fishwick

Kadir Yesilbag
Kadir Yesilbag


Bovine practitioner

Wiel van den Ekker
Wiel Van den Ekker

The Netherlands
Volker Moennig

Raphael Guatteo

Klaus Doll
Klaus Doll


all cases

  • Cases of acute respiratory distress in batches of Charolais beef calves, straightforward - but only in appearance!

    Anne-Cécile Thirion

    Our case takes place in the Nièvre department, in the heart of the Charolais basin. The farm is a breeder-fattener of Charolaise cattle. We will focus on the fattening unit where the respiratory problems appeared. The farmer has a building with 8 pens with straw bedding and a feed fence that can accommodate between 45 and 50 beef calves (approximately 10 -11 months of age when brought in). The conditions of the environment, bedding and feeding were all found to be adequate. There was no overcrowding in the pens or in the barn. The animals come either from a livestock assembly centre or from one of two Nièvre farms, with which the farmer is used to working, and they are gradually introduced into the barn pen by pen. The animals are not reallocated upon entering the barn.

  • When something very fishy is going on… An unexpected case of BVD

    Laura-May Canonne

    A dairy farm with an average of 50 Prim’ Holstein and a few Normandy cows, managed single-handedly by the farmer, and a milk quota of 336,000 litres. The farm is rather well kept; a barn with straw bedding and no apparent problems. Nevertheless, three abortions were noted in the previous months. Serological tests for Brucellosis, BVD and Neosporosis were all negative. Q-fever serological tests all came back positive. PCR analysis on tank milk confirmed the passage of Coxiella burnetii in the herd.

    With regard to BVD, biennial analyses showed no circulation of the virus in the dairy herd.